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Choose FUDI For Your Catering Needs

Think FUDI every time you're hoping to impress guests, friends, or family at your upcoming catering event. Our world-class menu boasts a vibrant assortment of vegan superfoods, naturally balanced flavor combinations, and a ton of healthy choices for a memorably delicious special event, staff lunch, or heartwarming meal with friends and family. Inspired by nature, developed by our talented chefs, and conveniently delivered fresh to your door, we know you'll love the wonderful flavors we have to share. 

When you choose FUDI for the best catering in Montgomery County, PA, you're supporting our mission of disrupting the fast-food industry with a better option. By offering healthier, more accessible, and more affordable vegan options, we're fueling the transition away from toxic animal-based food chains that are undermining the health of our planet, our communities, and our fellow man. Through the FUDI platform, we're combating food scarcity in underserved regions, are committed to responsible sourcing to preserve our environment, and don't plan on stopping until you can find our plant-based options in every city across the globe. 

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Our Catering Companies Accommodate Your Needs in Conshohocken, PA

For catering events in Montgomery County, PA, or Conshohocken, PA big or small, let our skilled vegan chefs handle every dish down to the last organic ingredient. We're focused on exceptional quality, expert consistency, and always make our inspiring vegan dishes fresh to order. We can pump out more fresh smoothies than anyone in the business, keep the party going with the most amazing dippables in the world, and have a savory selection of wraps that will give everyone at the event something to talk about. 

We're always happy to customize our versatile dishes to your specific catering requests. Our entire menu is available for catering, and we're more than happy to adjust the ingredients until every last guest on your list is satisfied. Our catering companies specialize in fast service, so even if you need catering on-demand, you can always count on FUDI to provide a wholesome vegetarian meal when you're short on time. 

Our knowledgeable FUDI experts are happy to answer any questions about our menu and are always glad to make recommendations that your guests will love. You can give us a call, order online, or plan a catering service by stopping at any of our convenient locations. 

Ready to experience a fresh catering service that will leave an impact? You can access our fast and affordable catering services in:

- Montgomery County, PA

- Conshohocken, PA

- Ambler, PA

- Blue Bell, PA

- Plymouth Meeting, PA

- & Other Convenient Locations…

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Need A Caterer?

Inspiring change across the global restaurant scene starts with our dedication to the amazing tastes you'll find at our local vegan restaurants. From the creative minds of the best chefs in the US, we've worked hard to create a catering menu that'll keep the spirits lifted at your upcoming event. We have savory wraps filled with nutrient-dense plant proteins, an exceptional collection of sauces that will have you coming back for seconds, and a fresh lineup of certified-organic teas, natural fruit smoothies, and organic sodas to cleanse the palate and excite the senses. 

Why Cater With FUDI? Because of Our...

- Diverse & delicious menu 

- Healthy & plant-based food options 

- Professional & friendly service 

- & To Help Us Continue Our Local Food Insecurity Program & Global Giving Model Program 

Join the FUDI Movement for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Need a healthy vegan meal to get the day started, only have a few minutes for lunch, or want to plan a stress-free dinner with ease?  Our welcoming restaurants have a warm and inviting atmosphere, have an amazing kids' menu, and feature award-winning flavors that everyone in the family will enjoy. Even if you can't make it into one of our locations, you can still enjoy our delicious take-out and fast food delivery in Montgomery County, PA, Ambler, PA, or Blue Bell, PA whenever you need us. 

Be sure to keep up with the latest happenings at FUDI. We're taking action every day in the fight against animal cruelty, unhealthy fast food practices, and appreciate every customer that shares in our commitment to a more sustainable and healthy fast food future.