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What is FUDI All About?

100% cruelty-free, vegan deliciousness and passionate culinary expertise culminate under the FUDI umbrella of plant-based food concepts; we're here to satisfy your senses with inspirational cuisine and are actively working to dethrone the corrupt, animal-based fast-food paradigm. As animal lovers, our FUDI vegan food platform is on a mission to redefine the relationship between our food, the planet, and the innocent animals that we're dedicated to protecting. 

We're going to revolutionize the world of fast food one healthy restaurant at a time. That goes beyond simply providing convenient places to eat; we're working to create systemic change from within with our innovative vegetarian restaurants. Creating lasting change in the fast-food industry requires active effort, and that involves providing healthier alternatives that are more accessible, affordably priced, and by acting as an example to other restaurants by refusing to settle for cruel animal practices. 

By choosing fast food that's free of animal products and destructive production practices, together we can achieve our goal of setting the new standard with quality vegan food. We hope you'll join us on our mission by only choosing vegan places to eat for the sake of our planet, our animals, and the betterment of all.